Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Jinxie Goforth

This gorgeous package arrived yesterday. What a wonderful surprise it was to open the carton and find Jinxie's beautiful work inside.

Jinxie's artist's journal is a fantastic addition to my collection. It's made if tabbed pages and bound with fibres and little charms. The fork and spoon blew me away. They are among the most original and delightful pieces of work I've seen this year. The message on the bowl and tines reads, "Feast your heart on hope". Right now, I'm trying to come up with a good idea for displaying them. And I'm truly looking forward to using the goodies contained in the baggie in a work of my own.

Check out Jinxie's blog at:

Toni Curtis

Take a look at this fabulous spiral-bound visual journal I received from Toni Curtis. The cover is a relief painted with subtle metallic shimmering colors, which may be Lumiere paints. Inside, the journal contains a sumptuous combination of papers, pockets, tags, art, and ephemera.

Check out Toni's blog at:

All Sent out!

Last week, I sent out the last of the cartons. I left the Post Office with an incredible sense of achievement and great relief at having kept my self-imposed commitment. But it's not over yet! I'm still waiting for a lot of return cartons and also cartons from the downlines.

So far, I've received return cartons from: Chantal Simon, Gena Lumbroso, Jill Sullivan, Anna Nowicki, Shakti Genaine, Connie Williams, Mika Genaine, Carolyn Price, Renata Fontenelle, Arlee Barr, Sammy Stafney, Marci Glenn, Jan Bartlett, Elizabeth O'Donnell, Jeanette Coate, Robin Krieger, Lynne White, Marilyn Morrison, Barbara St. Jacques, Kathy Rose, Chris Cerutti, Carol Desjarlais, Norma Soulet, Joan Roland, Brittney Young, Mieke Bronckers, Kimberly Miller, Mollye Self, Toni Curtis, and Jinxie Goforth.

I'll be posting a more deteiled summary later this month.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Donna Cook

Donna Cook received her Art in a Carton.
Here's the link to her blog post:

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Received From Kimberly Miller

Last week I received a "reminder" letter from the customs office. Apparently they had notified me some time back that a package was waiting for me, however, I didn't receive the original notice. So, off I trotted to collect my mail, and what I found was this carton from Kimberly Miller.

Inside I found this gorgeous stamped pot holder/oven mitt, which shows that even the things of everyday life can be arty!

Then came a little notebook (which will be extremely useful for my notes during the Xmas season) and a framed photo of a vintage lady. The wonderful thing about the frame is that the stand is made from a fork. If you look closely, you can just make out the tips of two tines at the bottom of the frame.
Kimberly also included a panda bookmark -- very useful for me, as I'm an avid reader and usually have two or three books on the go at the same time. Then I found a tiny gold basket, a miniature plant pot with a little nest and an egg, and a fizzer.

Thank you Kimberly!

Visit Kimberly's blog at:

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Carton from Mieke Bronckers

This lovely carton arrived from Mieke (Netherlands). Mieke included a delightful button fairy, supplies for a "fairy in a jar", and a gorgeous bead and bottlecap wire star, which is just the right thing, with Christmas approaching!

Thank you, Mieke.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Norma Soulet received a Carton

Norma Soulet received a carton from Minty Norris.

Here's the link to Norma's blog post and photo:

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Received from Brittney Young

Look what I received from Brittney Young in Kalamazoo, USA:a pair of earrings, a bookmark, and a lovely bracelet inshades of blue and green.

Thank you Brittney.

Check out more of Brittney's work on her blog:

Monday, 13 October 2008

Carton from Joan Roland

What a delight it was to open this simply gorgeous carton. The art "rag" doll sits atop a wooden spool of Clark's sewing, the base of which is adorned with buttons. You can't hold up progress, but there is something homely and tactile about wooden thread spools that makes me nostalgic. As children, we loved wooden thread spools. I remember the thrill of receiving a very large one when I was seven or so. My grandfather hammered four nails into it, so I could use it to knit snakes. The girls in my class used to vie with each other to see who could make the longest wool snake.

I've never seen anyone else make anything at all like Joan's cotton reel assemblage. It is both lovely and highly original!

The adorable angel pin is created from reclaimed jewellery. What a wonderful idea!

Thank you, Joan.

Jill received Art in a Carton

Jill received four cartons this past week.
Here is the linkto her post:

Carton from Norma Soulet

I simply adore the art doll Norma included in my carton. The beautiful cat ATC is a wonderful and original addition to my collection, and the felted pin folder is adorable.

It's a good job I photographed everything right away, as the Tootsie treats didn't make it this far into the day (grin).

Thank you, Norma.

View more of Norma's art on her blog:

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Minty Norris

Minty Norris received a carton from Norma Soulet.

Here's the link to Minty's blog post:

Carton from Carol Desjarlais

I sensed there was something different about Carol's carton even before I opened it. First off, Carol used a cylinder, which was a lovely idea, and as I drew each of the objects from the roll, I was more amd more awed.

Then I unfurled this painted canvas, which Carol has titled "Sisters of the Pots". As someone who has been long involved in issues to do with women's spirituality, this painting spoke deeply to me. And as it happens, I have the perfect frame in my collection.

Would you believe this beautiful flower is made from fish scales? Well, it is. Carol included a description of the background to this art form and the process of preparing the scales.

Then I drew a spirit doll from the carton. This is such a personal work of art and one I deeply appreciate.

Thank you Carol.

See more of Carol's Artwork:

Carton from Elizabeth O'Donnell

You have to see this fabric ATC to believe it. The colors are more subtle that than I was able to make them appear in the photo, and the stitching is lovely. I had to look hard to see that what I first thought were tiny pearls were actually stitches!

The matchbook is a tiny album with pages inside. And would you believe that the matchbox contains a full set of tiny cards with teensie weensie tags? Well, it does, and it is simply gorgeous.

Anyone who had tried it knows how challenging it can be to work in small formats, but Elizabeth has the skill to work in detail and with artistry.

Thank you Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's Blog:

Torre Hanvey

Torre received a carton from Lynne White. Here's the link to posts and photos on Torre's blog:



Friday, 3 October 2008

Patti received her Carton

Patti Edmon received her carton.
Here's a link to her blog post:

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Carton received from Chris Cerutti

Chris's Art in a Carton arrived today, and just take a look at the contents! This adorable flowery-fairy ballerina is a much appreciated addition to my art doll collection. And just take a look at that cone! Chris also included a patchwork square that is so well-matched and incredibly accurately sewn. I can't sew patchwork, so I stand in awe of those who can.

Thank you, Chris!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Received from Kathy Rose

Look what arrived this morning! This gorgeous red carton came to me from Cathy Rose. Among other things, it contained ATC, a tiny teddy, and an array of beads, dangles, metal rimmed tags and other goodies.

Thank you very much, Kathy.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Rho Gregory Received her Carton

Rho's carton arrived in Kansas City, USA.
Here's the link to her blog post:

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Two Cartons Received

Jill Sullivan recieved Art in a Carton from Kathy Rose and Elizabeth O'Donnell.

Here's the link to Jill's blog post:


Poinsettia Posy

For this box, I made flowers (see the "Pretty Pegs" tutorial on Art Angelix) in one size only.

I covered an oval papier mache box with paper, added two kinds of ribbons as a lid trim, and affixed twelve little flowers to the lid.

The bottom of the box is decorated with a paper trim that I discovered serendipitously while trying out a new snowflake punch. I wasn't happy with the snowflakes, but I found a wonderful use for the punch. I'll show you that tomorrow, after I've taken photos of the steps involved.

I has one flower over, so I stuck it to the side of the box as a focal point.

The box will be popped into one of the cartons I'm sending out this week.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Kimberly Miller

Kimberly Miller, in Arizona - USA, recived her first carton today.

Here's the link to her blog post:

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Brittney's Carton

Brittney Young from Michegan, USA received her carton.

Here's a link to her blog post:

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Received from Barbara St. Jacques

Yesterday my mailman delivered a package from Barbara in Ludlow, USA, that was covered on the outside with the stamped message "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" (Picasso). That certainly proved true of Barbara's sea-themed carton and its contents.

The first item I drew from the box was a deep purple cloth decorated with silver butterflies. Unfortunately, the photo only offers a hint of them. Then emerged a box of beads, a beautifully made mini journal, stickers, magnets, felt embellishments, and the most wonderful pair of tiny, hand sewn and embroidered felt shoes I've ever held in my hands.

Thank you very much indeed, Barbara!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Mollye Self

Mollye from Shreveport, USA, received her carton yesterday.

Here's a link to her blog post and photo.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

Norma Soulet

Norma Soulet in Arizona, USA received her carton.

Here is a link to her blog post and photo.

Received from Marilyn Morrison

I received this carton of goodies today from Marilyn Morrison. What a range of good art: a tin shrine, a delightful tiny matchbox shrine, an art doll, a tiny "Sweet Annie" journal with pictures and quotes, and some beaded inchies. Thank you (again) Marilyn.

Marilyn's Blog:

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Carol Desjarlais

Carol Desjarlais of Maine, USA received her carton.

She wrote: I am thrilled... absolutely thrilled. I have been saving up baubles and daubles and making tiny things to share in the cartons.... I have made something no one else makes and you will be thrilled, I know, for I send the story along with it.

Here's the link to Carol's blog post.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Bottle Art Doll

A couple of weeks back, my neighbour (Fred) asked me if I could use this bottle. I took one look and the bottle spoke to me. I knew right away what it was, in art language, so I said, "Yes, I'll give it a head and wings." Fred laughed, because he's now accustomed to me saying things like that. The doll came together quickly and beautifully. The next day, I showed it to Fred, and he was astounded.

Though I'd really like to have kept her myself, the doll is now on its way to someone in one of the Cartons.

Cartons Galore!

After weeks of "life" getting in the way of "real life", I finally managed to play catch up and get all the cartons in progress wrapped and labeled, ready to go. Now I'm back on schedule, thank goodness.

This week, I mailed cartons out to the following artists: Kathy Rose, Deana Hager, Lois Richter, Mieke Bronckers, Barbara St. Jacques, Michele Witchell, Carol Desjarlais, Joan Roland, Rhonda Gregory, Patti Edmon, Brittney Young, Joan Roland, and Mollye Self.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Art received from Robin Krieger

What a wonderful surprise it was to unpack this carton and discover the treasures within: an art doll, for my collection, A box filled with beads, several lengths of fibres, and a tiny art journal. You can't see it on the photo, but the journal has pockets, and the pockets contain tags that can be pulled out. It takes real skill to do that with a journal this small!

Thank you very much, Robin!

Art received from Lynne White

This gorgeous carton arrived from Lynne White today. The carton is decorated with a map and slide frames. What a great way to use old maps!
Inside I found a piece of the famous Sedona red rock. Lynne also created this beautifully worked Asian-themed matchbox shrine, with lots of attention to detail. Also in the carton were an enclosed mesh tag, a fabric transfer portrait, and a baggie of tiny beads.
Thank you, Lynne!

The Final Space is filled!

The final space in the Art in a Carton project goes to Leticia Almeida - Montevideo, Uruguay
Leticia writes: I am a professional photographer and video artist. I paint, make jewelery, knit, crochet, decoupage, papier mache, make stuffed dolls, badges, etc.

See some of Leticia's art at:

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Welcome Kati Barrett

Just joined: Kati Barrett, Eureka, California, USA

Monday, 28 July 2008

Carton from Jeanette Coate

This wonderful carton arrived from Jeanette Coate in Seattle, USA yesterday. The fun started right away with the wrapping paper: the "instructions to the architect/builder" part of a set of blueprints (not shown here).

Inside the carton I discovered a treasure trove of art: three 4x4, a beautiful beaded doll in her very own pouch, a "welcome" sign, and a selection of teas and cookies to enjoy while appreciating Jeanette's very professional work.

One piece that touched me deeply was a 4x4 tribute to Selini Yazbeck. On one side of the 4x4, Jeanette briefly recounts the story of Selini's tragic experience on the Titanic, and then tells how Selini's life continued after surviving and arriving in the USA.

Thank you, Jeanette!

Robinsunne is #50

Welcome to artist #50: Robinsunne from Rockport, Maine, USA

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lynne and Toni Received Their Cartons

Lynne White and Toni Curtis received their cartons and posted about them on their blogs. Here are the look-and-see links.

Lynne White

Toni Curtis

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Received from Elizabeth O'Donnell

This fabulous carton arrived today, from Elizabeth O'Donnell in Alaska, USA.

The carton itself is covered in fabric and patterned with stenciled dots of various sizes in a combination of black, green, yellow, lilac, and white.

The necklace is made of two strands: one made of braided fabric strips in shades of blue, and the other string of blue beads, which is skillfully woven into the fibre braid.

The journal is also a combination of fabric and paper, with stitching around the edges. The journal fastens sign a small bead and loop. Elizabeth's combination of colors and materials lend her work both an interesting look and a lovely feel. Just right for a tactile person like me!

Thank you Elizabeth!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Robin Krieger writes...

Thank you so much for all the beautiful art you sent me. I love it all. Here is the link to my blog where I posted a photo of it all.


Elizabeth O'Donnell writes...

I've blogged two of my cartons that I'm sending out at:

Three Cartons In Flight

Cartons went out today to:

Lynne White (USA), Toni Curtis (USA), and Rosie Clarke (UK)

Two More Artists

Welcome to Art In A Carton!

Jinxie Goforth - Eight Mile, Alabama, USA

Donna Cook - Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Minty Norris

Space #47 has been filled by Minty Norris, Mills River, North Carolina, USA


Marci Glenn's Carton for Jill

Take a peek at the carton Marci has made for Jill.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Three Cartons in the Mail

Today I mailed out cartons to Chris Cerutti, Robin Krieger, and Jeanette Coate.

Welcome Roxanne

Spot #46 has been takenby Roxanne Evans Stout, from Keno, Oregon, USA http://rivergardenstudio.typepad.com/

Only six places left!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cartons from Jan Bartlett

Both Jill and I received cartons from Jan Bartlett yesterday. My carton contained a concertina journal, a lovely charm, two casts, and several other items.

Thank you so much, Jan!

Jill posted a photo on her blog, too:

Carton from Pattie Mosca

The postman delivered this gorgeous carton from Pattie Mosca today.

Everyone (except me) seems to be making birds at the moment, and this one from Pattie is simply beautiful. She also included a darling "muse" bracelet, a handmade journal, and a mandala, which I'm going to frame and hang on the wall.

Thank you very much, Pattie!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Welcome Lisa Higdon

Lisa Higdon - Prattville, Alabama, USA

Lisa writes: "I've been toying around with ATC, small collage, alteredbooks, and objects. Some of my upcoming work will include digital photography."

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

In Today: Carton From Marci Glenn

I was already enjoying this carton, even before I unpacked it! Marci stamped the wrapping paper with a stamp that made my day, it said: "Abandon the search for truth, settle for a good fantasy".

Then I opened the package and found this bright and breezy flower and swirl-covered carton inside. Doesn't it just make you feel that the sun is shining?

Inside the carton was a lovely array of artwork: a fabric ATC, a fabric and Chinese coin charm, this gorgeous beaded dangly, and lovely felt embroidered pincushion.

Check out Marci's blog to see more of her work:

Only Eight Spaces Left!

Wow! I can hardly believe that there are now only a handful of spaces left to fill.

I'm in full production mode again, and intend to send out the next five cartons on the first of the month.

I'll be posting examples of carton art I'm making at the weekend, but of course, I won't tell who is getting what... (grin). Actually, what I tend to do is pack cartons and then affix labels randomly, so even I'm never quite sure who gets what.

Newest Artist

Dana Loffland - Wichita, Kansas, USA

Monday, 23 June 2008

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Welcome to Norma Soulet

It's been exciting to see how the spaces have filled over the past couple of weeks. There are now only ten slots left! Today I welcome Norma Soulet. Take a look at the gorgeous work on her blog.

Norma Soulet - Green Valley, Arizona, USA

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dierdre's Carton

Dierdre posted a photo of her carton on her blog. Look see!


Jan Got Art!

Here's a post by Jan Bartlett about cartons she received.


New Artists This Week

Barbara Saint Jacques - Ludlow, Massachussetts, USA

Patti Edmon - Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Mieke Bronckers - Landgraaf, Netherlands

Mieke writes: "I am a mixed media person, I use fabric, beads, stamps, paper, buttons, leather, fibers. Actually I always can use just everything laying around, I love to go to fleamarkets.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Two more...

Torre Hanvey - Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Lois Richter - Davis, California, USA

Saturday, 14 June 2008

And Another...

Welcome to Deana Hager - Manheim, Pennsylvania, USA

And Another Artist...

Welcome to Michele Witchell of Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Three Artists Added

Just added another three artists to the blogroll.

Rhonda Gregory

Kathy Rose (no blog yet)

Kathy writes: I do a bit of everything: sewing, embroidery, collage (really, really interested in collage and altered art), clay. I like edgy art, not so much the cutesy stuff [...]. I want to begin to work in metal and assemblage art and have been gathering tools and supplies together. I just need the time (but don't we all!).

Brittney Young

Several artists have asked if they can play even though they have no blog. My take on this is that I won't exclude anyone for lack of a blog, but I absolutely prefer that participating artists have a blog. Part of the pleasure of the Art In A Carton process lies in visiting each other's blogs and seeing what each of us does and what she sends and receives.

I'm now asking artists without blogs to send a few paragraphs that describe of the kind of work they do. That way, we can at least get an idea of their styles and interests. (And -- hint, hint -- it's quick and easy to set up a blog, and it costs nothing...)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Four New Artists Added

I've been avalanched with signups this week. Here are four more artists who've signed up to be part of Art In A Carton.

Rosie Clarke - St Albans, Herts, UK

Joan Roland - Gatesville, Texas, USA

Carol Desjarlais - Bridgton, Maine, USA

Mollye Self - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Five New Participant Artists

Word about Art In A Carton is getting around now, and the spaces are filling fast.

Here are the newest additions to the AIAC artists blogroll.

Lynne White - Black Canyon City, Arizona, USA

Chris Cerutti - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Toni Curtis - Bastrop, Louisiana, USA

Jeanette Coate - Seattle, Washington, USA

Robin Krieger - Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Sunday, 8 June 2008

What Marilyn Got...

Marilyn Morrison received her carton this weekend and has posted photos to her blog at:

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Carton From Sammy Stafney

Yesterday's mail brought surprises galore, including two cartons. This one is from Sammy Stafney.

The carton itself is beautifully decorated with beads and beaded ribbons and topped by an arty-delicious (guaranteed fat-free) muffin.

Unpacking the carton brought one delight after another: handmade beads, a lovely little tag for my collection, a miniature book, and this breathtaking necklace. I intend to wear the necklace often, as it's so me!

Thank you, Sammy, for these wonderful art gifts!

Carton From Arlee Barr

This carton from Arlee Barr arrived yesterday.

What a lovely surprise it was to open the package and find all the wonderful things Arlee included. Just take a look at the sumptuous bauble ties. And the contents are divine, too.

As an art doll lover, I adored the doll. I stand in awe of artists who work creatively in fabrics. The bird will find a home in my special collection which hangs on a rail in the bedroom.

Arlee also included handmade rosettes and a selection of ribbons, papers, and buttons.

Many, many thanks for the lovely surprises, Arlee!

Marci Received Her Carton

Marci's carton arrived yesterday, and she's posted about it on her blog.
You can see what she received at:


Friday, 30 May 2008

Another Two New Artists

Elizabeth O'Donnell and Marci Glenn have joined the Art In A Carton Ranks.

Visit their blogs and find out more about their work.

Elizabeth O'Donnell

Marci Glenn

Carton From Renate

Yesterday's mail brought this carton from Renate Fontanelle. The carton contained two miniature origami pieces, a shadow box with a little red bird, and a gorgeous journal of handmade papers. As you can see from the example in the photo, the open page is embellished with an element woven from help twine. There is a delightful wax seal on the back (not shown) and the binding is decorated with light wooden splints that have natural holes. I've seen this type of wood for sale in florist shops, but I don't know what it's called.

Thank you Renate.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Three New Artists

A warm welcome to Deirdre, Marilyn, and Elizabeth, who signed up for Art In A Carton this week.

Deirdre's carton is already in flight. The cartons for Marilyn and Elizabeth should be on their way by the weekend.

Deirdre Abbotts

Marilyn Morrison

Elizabeth Golden-Nakayama

Carton From Carolyn Price

On Monday, I collected this lovely carton from the PO. Carolyn of "Cookie Cat Creations" included this beautiful string of brightly colored and embellished good luck birdies. The bodies are made of batiked fabric, and the embellishments include tassels, beads, buttons, and wings of golden German scrap.

I also received a set of sumptuous handmade silk beads wrapped with wire and tiny beads. I know I'm going to hold onto these for a while, just to see and feel them. At shoe point they will be a luxurious addition to a project.
Carolyn also included a guide to the area she lives in -- Mount Ida, in Arkansas, USA. It was wonderful to be able to get an idea of where she lives. Mount Ida is famous for its quartz crystals, and Carolyn included some of those, too.

Around twenty years ago, I worked in a store that sold semi-precious gems and crystals, so I've seen a lot of them in my time. I never cease to be fascinated by the differences between crystals from various locations. I deeply appreciate this gift of crystals, particularly as I know exactly where they came from.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Art From Mika

Yesterday I came home to find this carton waiting for me, from Mika, in Spain.

As usual, I was thrilled as I unpacked the box. Mika and I have arted together for quite some time, now, so I know her wonderful work well.
The carton included a round spirit card, an little art doll, an embroidered coin purse, and some goodies to play with.

As so often, the goodies were an example of serendipity in action: the spray of golden beads is simply perfect for a three-tiered box I'm working on, and I have a fun idea in mind for the pompoms, too!

Thank you again, Mika, for being such a great player.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Hint of Hawaii

Yesterday brought along a hint of Hawaii in a carton from Connie. The carton is covered with a map of the island, and it was fun to locate Kilauea, where Connie lives.

And then I opened it... and pulled out a treasure trove of art goodies. Just take a look at this absolutely gorgeous fabric art doll. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's absolutely stunning!

Then I found, um... let me see... a folded paper mini-journal in bright colors, a heart pendant, bamboo tile beads, wooden beads, a glass eye amulet, and a woven straw bag.

As if that wasn't enough, Connie also tucked in a sachet of bath crystals and three small packets of entirely delicious Hawaiian macadamia nut treats, one of -- the Cona Caramacs -- lived long enough for me to be munching it as I write this. Can you say "divine" ...?

Thank you (again), Connie.

Carton from Mary Anne (Canada)

The past two days have been delightful, because found a carton waiting for me on the doorstep on both days!

This dreamy gold and sepia carton is from Mary Anne Richardson in Ontario, Canada. The background is a paper that depicts an old map, and the collage elements carry the Parisian vintage theme forward using Eiffel towers, faces, watch faces and keys.

The carton contained a lovely selection of art and goodies, all of which had me thrilled. Let me see... a bunch of lovely walnut stained tags, an ATC, a beaded button, and a set of stunning handmade heart-shaped buttons from Mary Anne's own production. I'm going to have to hide those from my granddaughters!

Mary Ann also included fibres, a pink Sharpie pen, and some German scrap. Strangely, German scrap is barely known in Germany. Actually, the scrap came with perfect timing, as I have a project on my workbench that is simply begging for the edgings.

Thank you, Mary Ann!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Arlee's Carton

Arlee has posted a photo of her carton.

Here's the link to her blog, so you can go-look-see:


Art From Shakti

This weekend I received art in a carton from Shakti. The first delight was this beautifully decorated box. From then on in, it simply got better and better! The box contained (for example) a crocheted pouch, an Indian goddess doll, an ATC, an absolutely lovely goddess cabochon, and, and, and...

Thank you so, so much, Shakti!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New Artist: Sammy Stafney

Mail went out to the most recent Art In A Carton artist today: Sammy Stafney from Oregon, USA.

Here's the link to Sammy's blog:

Monday, 21 April 2008

Little Beauties Slide box

I covered a slim box with the endpapers from a vintage book and layered on some of the old print from the pages. Then I cut an old photo apart and glued one part of the image to the inside of the box base and the other behind a microscope slide. Although it looked lovely and vintage, I wanted something to make the piece pop a little, so I added the pink accents, a couple of golden snowflakes, and a wooden bingo tile. These little beauties will, like so much of what I'm making at the moment, find their way into an Art In A Carton box.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Renata Received Her Carton

Renata received her carton a couple of days ago.

Here's the link to the post and picture on her blog:

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Three More Sendouts

This past week, I've sent out three more cartons: one to Renata Fontenelle in Allison Park, USA, one to Carolyn Price in Mount Ida, USA, and the third to Arlee Barr in Calgary, Canada.

Art From Gena

Today I picked up a lovely carton of Art from the post office. Gena sent two wonderful art dolls, a gorgeous domino booklet, and a package of delightful images and charms as a do-it-yourself zine kit. She also included a roll of paper and beautifully (and naturally) aged pages from a 1939 French magazine. Thank you Gena!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cartons Galore

I've had a couple of emails lately asking me what the cartons look like and what artists might do to them to turn trash into treasure. So, I decided to post a few examples to this blog and to Art Angelix. Here are examples of the cartons I have here all packaged and ready to go out to the next artists who sign up for Art In A Carton.

The blue carton is gessoed (white) and painted with blue acrylic. The band at the top is hand drawn on watercolour paper and then affixed to the carton. I glued on some paper flower ranks that I picked up in several colors at the euro/dollar store and attached a couple of layered die cut flowers.

For the gold carton I simply applied pale gold and silver on top of white gesso and then glued on part of a napkin. The bow is from a box of Lindt chocolates. That'S about as easy as it gets!

Want one? All you have to do is become an Art In A Carton artist! Just read the instructions, send me an email, and you can be the owner of one of these or the other cartons a few days from now.

Art Angelix:

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Jan Received Her Carton

Jan's carton arrived. Here's what she wrote: "I am enthralled by your beautiful chest filled with goodies...thank you for selecting me to receive such an awesome creation. "

"I anticipate being in my new studio by May. I have decorated my milk cartons and am eager to complete the contents. [...] This is a fantastic project. I am thrilled to be a part of this endeavor. I am eager to send mine out to touch other artists...such fun."

Jan's blog:

Look What Anna Got!

Anna Nowicki wrote: "I received a lovely carton from Donna (one of my three send outs) - I blogged about it...: "

Scroll down to around mid-post to see the contents of the carton Anna received:


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Connie's Carton

Connie from Hawaii received her carton. She wrote: "I received my wonderful art carton from you today! Everything inside was fabulous - and that dresser is to die for! Thank you for such a special carton!"

You can see what Connie received in this post on her blog:

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Jill Got (More) Mail

Jill received another carton this week, this time from Sherry in Canada.
Here is her post:

And here is the link to Sherry's own post about the cartons she sent out.
The pictures are great!
I'm looking forward to my own carton arriving any day now!

Beaded Icicle Doll

I'm on a beading fling at the moment. Though I'm no great beader, I find it peaceful and satisfying to do a few rows of simple beading while (not really) watching TV in the evenings. This one is already winging its way to someone, and her sisters are chomping at the bit in the hope of making their own journeys in the near future. Most are destined for Art In A Carton, though at least one will be heading off into the world as a RAK in April.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Art In A Carton RAK

Shakti was AIAC rakked by Jill.Read all about it and see what Shakti received:


Saturday, 22 March 2008

I Got Mail!

Today I received a beautiful Easter weekend surprise carton from Chantal. I wasn't home when the postman delivered it this morning, so he left it with my neighbour, Fred. I unpacked the carton while we were drinking coffee this afternoon, and you should have seen Fred's eyes widen with each little package I unwrapped. (He doesn't pretend to understand artistic types, but before he tosses things away, he does now ask if I can use them...)

The carton contained a Madonna/goddess ATC, a gorgeous tiny handmade journal, and a heart and beads ornament in a classy gold box. The blue envelope in the foreground contains two of Chantal's MOO cards, which are collectable in themselves.

This was a simply lovely surprise for a bitterly cold and snowy Saturday!

Maxi Matchboxes

These is one of two large matchboxes I made yesterday for Art In A Carton. Again, one is posted here and the other on Art Angelix.

Both are decorated with paper and ribbons, wire and buttons. I had quite a few "voyage" images, so the boxes have a loose voyage theme. Each box contains little topic-related surprises for the recipients to use in their own art.

Collector's Chest

This is one of two chests of drawers I finished off today for inclusion in the cartons I'll be sending out on Tuesday. You can see one here, and the other is posted on Art Angelix.


It's sometimes challenging to thing up projects that will slot into a carton and still be substantial, but these matchbox chests fit the bill and are fun to make.

Each of the drawers is filled with little surprises the recipients can use in their own art.

Four New Participant Artists

The special email address I set up for the project proved to be difficult to access. When I finally got into the mailbox the other day, I found four requests to participate. I've just added three to the participating artists' blog role on the right (scroll down). I'm still waiting for the fourth artist to send me her address, so I can add her, too.

Marilyn Wells (Alabama, USA)

Jan Bartlett (Nevada, USA)

Connie Williams (Hawaii, USA)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Carton Received From Jill

Today's post brought not one but two cartons! These are the first cartons I've received, and I'm delighted!

Jill's carton contained a beautiful fabric square with a flower and leaves in shades of pink and yellow. It's difficult to see on the photo, but Jill has embroidered shiny running stitches along the lines for emphasis.

The package also contained a delightful mini book with a brocade cover. It's just the perfect thing to pop in one's handbag to capture thoughts during the day.

And of course, I absolutely adore the goddess paper doll and will find a fitting place for her in my flat.

Carton Received From Anna

Anna's carton was a delight, too. Anna is a fabric artist from England whose work I admire greatly. Her carton contained a little goddess art doll which is hand embroidered.

The carton also contained a hand embroidered fabric ATC, which is going to look just beautiful in one of the clear plastic pockets of my new wall display. (I finally found one of those shower curtains with lots and lots of pockets.)

The third item in Anna's carton blew me away: it's a a gorgeous embroidered pouch made of hand-dyed silk carrier rods. The blues are so lovely and so harmonious!

Be sure to take a look at Anna's blog and see more of her incredible work for yourself. Anna has posted about Art In A Carton on her blog. She also shows some close-up detail from the pouch: