Tuesday, 16 December 2008

All Sent out!

Last week, I sent out the last of the cartons. I left the Post Office with an incredible sense of achievement and great relief at having kept my self-imposed commitment. But it's not over yet! I'm still waiting for a lot of return cartons and also cartons from the downlines.

So far, I've received return cartons from: Chantal Simon, Gena Lumbroso, Jill Sullivan, Anna Nowicki, Shakti Genaine, Connie Williams, Mika Genaine, Carolyn Price, Renata Fontenelle, Arlee Barr, Sammy Stafney, Marci Glenn, Jan Bartlett, Elizabeth O'Donnell, Jeanette Coate, Robin Krieger, Lynne White, Marilyn Morrison, Barbara St. Jacques, Kathy Rose, Chris Cerutti, Carol Desjarlais, Norma Soulet, Joan Roland, Brittney Young, Mieke Bronckers, Kimberly Miller, Mollye Self, Toni Curtis, and Jinxie Goforth.

I'll be posting a more deteiled summary later this month.

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