Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Welcome Kati Barrett

Just joined: Kati Barrett, Eureka, California, USA

Monday, 28 July 2008

Carton from Jeanette Coate

This wonderful carton arrived from Jeanette Coate in Seattle, USA yesterday. The fun started right away with the wrapping paper: the "instructions to the architect/builder" part of a set of blueprints (not shown here).

Inside the carton I discovered a treasure trove of art: three 4x4, a beautiful beaded doll in her very own pouch, a "welcome" sign, and a selection of teas and cookies to enjoy while appreciating Jeanette's very professional work.

One piece that touched me deeply was a 4x4 tribute to Selini Yazbeck. On one side of the 4x4, Jeanette briefly recounts the story of Selini's tragic experience on the Titanic, and then tells how Selini's life continued after surviving and arriving in the USA.

Thank you, Jeanette!

Robinsunne is #50

Welcome to artist #50: Robinsunne from Rockport, Maine, USA

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lynne and Toni Received Their Cartons

Lynne White and Toni Curtis received their cartons and posted about them on their blogs. Here are the look-and-see links.

Lynne White

Toni Curtis

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Received from Elizabeth O'Donnell

This fabulous carton arrived today, from Elizabeth O'Donnell in Alaska, USA.

The carton itself is covered in fabric and patterned with stenciled dots of various sizes in a combination of black, green, yellow, lilac, and white.

The necklace is made of two strands: one made of braided fabric strips in shades of blue, and the other string of blue beads, which is skillfully woven into the fibre braid.

The journal is also a combination of fabric and paper, with stitching around the edges. The journal fastens sign a small bead and loop. Elizabeth's combination of colors and materials lend her work both an interesting look and a lovely feel. Just right for a tactile person like me!

Thank you Elizabeth!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Robin Krieger writes...

Thank you so much for all the beautiful art you sent me. I love it all. Here is the link to my blog where I posted a photo of it all.

Elizabeth O'Donnell writes...

I've blogged two of my cartons that I'm sending out at:

Three Cartons In Flight

Cartons went out today to:

Lynne White (USA), Toni Curtis (USA), and Rosie Clarke (UK)

Two More Artists

Welcome to Art In A Carton!

Jinxie Goforth - Eight Mile, Alabama, USA

Donna Cook - Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Minty Norris

Space #47 has been filled by Minty Norris, Mills River, North Carolina, USA

Marci Glenn's Carton for Jill

Take a peek at the carton Marci has made for Jill.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Three Cartons in the Mail

Today I mailed out cartons to Chris Cerutti, Robin Krieger, and Jeanette Coate.

Welcome Roxanne

Spot #46 has been takenby Roxanne Evans Stout, from Keno, Oregon, USA

Only six places left!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cartons from Jan Bartlett

Both Jill and I received cartons from Jan Bartlett yesterday. My carton contained a concertina journal, a lovely charm, two casts, and several other items.

Thank you so much, Jan!

Jill posted a photo on her blog, too:

Carton from Pattie Mosca

The postman delivered this gorgeous carton from Pattie Mosca today.

Everyone (except me) seems to be making birds at the moment, and this one from Pattie is simply beautiful. She also included a darling "muse" bracelet, a handmade journal, and a mandala, which I'm going to frame and hang on the wall.

Thank you very much, Pattie!