Monday, 28 July 2008

Carton from Jeanette Coate

This wonderful carton arrived from Jeanette Coate in Seattle, USA yesterday. The fun started right away with the wrapping paper: the "instructions to the architect/builder" part of a set of blueprints (not shown here).

Inside the carton I discovered a treasure trove of art: three 4x4, a beautiful beaded doll in her very own pouch, a "welcome" sign, and a selection of teas and cookies to enjoy while appreciating Jeanette's very professional work.

One piece that touched me deeply was a 4x4 tribute to Selini Yazbeck. On one side of the 4x4, Jeanette briefly recounts the story of Selini's tragic experience on the Titanic, and then tells how Selini's life continued after surviving and arriving in the USA.

Thank you, Jeanette!

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