Thursday, 24 July 2008

Received from Elizabeth O'Donnell

This fabulous carton arrived today, from Elizabeth O'Donnell in Alaska, USA.

The carton itself is covered in fabric and patterned with stenciled dots of various sizes in a combination of black, green, yellow, lilac, and white.

The necklace is made of two strands: one made of braided fabric strips in shades of blue, and the other string of blue beads, which is skillfully woven into the fibre braid.

The journal is also a combination of fabric and paper, with stitching around the edges. The journal fastens sign a small bead and loop. Elizabeth's combination of colors and materials lend her work both an interesting look and a lovely feel. Just right for a tactile person like me!

Thank you Elizabeth!

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Kimberly Miller said...

Those are all really beautiful. I just can't wait to get mine started off. Thanks for sharing your beautiful items.