Friday, 30 May 2008

Another Two New Artists

Elizabeth O'Donnell and Marci Glenn have joined the Art In A Carton Ranks.

Visit their blogs and find out more about their work.

Elizabeth O'Donnell

Marci Glenn

Carton From Renate

Yesterday's mail brought this carton from Renate Fontanelle. The carton contained two miniature origami pieces, a shadow box with a little red bird, and a gorgeous journal of handmade papers. As you can see from the example in the photo, the open page is embellished with an element woven from help twine. There is a delightful wax seal on the back (not shown) and the binding is decorated with light wooden splints that have natural holes. I've seen this type of wood for sale in florist shops, but I don't know what it's called.

Thank you Renate.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Three New Artists

A warm welcome to Deirdre, Marilyn, and Elizabeth, who signed up for Art In A Carton this week.

Deirdre's carton is already in flight. The cartons for Marilyn and Elizabeth should be on their way by the weekend.

Deirdre Abbotts

Marilyn Morrison

Elizabeth Golden-Nakayama

Carton From Carolyn Price

On Monday, I collected this lovely carton from the PO. Carolyn of "Cookie Cat Creations" included this beautiful string of brightly colored and embellished good luck birdies. The bodies are made of batiked fabric, and the embellishments include tassels, beads, buttons, and wings of golden German scrap.

I also received a set of sumptuous handmade silk beads wrapped with wire and tiny beads. I know I'm going to hold onto these for a while, just to see and feel them. At shoe point they will be a luxurious addition to a project.
Carolyn also included a guide to the area she lives in -- Mount Ida, in Arkansas, USA. It was wonderful to be able to get an idea of where she lives. Mount Ida is famous for its quartz crystals, and Carolyn included some of those, too.

Around twenty years ago, I worked in a store that sold semi-precious gems and crystals, so I've seen a lot of them in my time. I never cease to be fascinated by the differences between crystals from various locations. I deeply appreciate this gift of crystals, particularly as I know exactly where they came from.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Art From Mika

Yesterday I came home to find this carton waiting for me, from Mika, in Spain.

As usual, I was thrilled as I unpacked the box. Mika and I have arted together for quite some time, now, so I know her wonderful work well.
The carton included a round spirit card, an little art doll, an embroidered coin purse, and some goodies to play with.

As so often, the goodies were an example of serendipity in action: the spray of golden beads is simply perfect for a three-tiered box I'm working on, and I have a fun idea in mind for the pompoms, too!

Thank you again, Mika, for being such a great player.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Hint of Hawaii

Yesterday brought along a hint of Hawaii in a carton from Connie. The carton is covered with a map of the island, and it was fun to locate Kilauea, where Connie lives.

And then I opened it... and pulled out a treasure trove of art goodies. Just take a look at this absolutely gorgeous fabric art doll. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's absolutely stunning!

Then I found, um... let me see... a folded paper mini-journal in bright colors, a heart pendant, bamboo tile beads, wooden beads, a glass eye amulet, and a woven straw bag.

As if that wasn't enough, Connie also tucked in a sachet of bath crystals and three small packets of entirely delicious Hawaiian macadamia nut treats, one of -- the Cona Caramacs -- lived long enough for me to be munching it as I write this. Can you say "divine" ...?

Thank you (again), Connie.

Carton from Mary Anne (Canada)

The past two days have been delightful, because found a carton waiting for me on the doorstep on both days!

This dreamy gold and sepia carton is from Mary Anne Richardson in Ontario, Canada. The background is a paper that depicts an old map, and the collage elements carry the Parisian vintage theme forward using Eiffel towers, faces, watch faces and keys.

The carton contained a lovely selection of art and goodies, all of which had me thrilled. Let me see... a bunch of lovely walnut stained tags, an ATC, a beaded button, and a set of stunning handmade heart-shaped buttons from Mary Anne's own production. I'm going to have to hide those from my granddaughters!

Mary Ann also included fibres, a pink Sharpie pen, and some German scrap. Strangely, German scrap is barely known in Germany. Actually, the scrap came with perfect timing, as I have a project on my workbench that is simply begging for the edgings.

Thank you, Mary Ann!