Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Carton from Mary Anne (Canada)

The past two days have been delightful, because found a carton waiting for me on the doorstep on both days!

This dreamy gold and sepia carton is from Mary Anne Richardson in Ontario, Canada. The background is a paper that depicts an old map, and the collage elements carry the Parisian vintage theme forward using Eiffel towers, faces, watch faces and keys.

The carton contained a lovely selection of art and goodies, all of which had me thrilled. Let me see... a bunch of lovely walnut stained tags, an ATC, a beaded button, and a set of stunning handmade heart-shaped buttons from Mary Anne's own production. I'm going to have to hide those from my granddaughters!

Mary Ann also included fibres, a pink Sharpie pen, and some German scrap. Strangely, German scrap is barely known in Germany. Actually, the scrap came with perfect timing, as I have a project on my workbench that is simply begging for the edgings.

Thank you, Mary Ann!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are quite welcome! So glad you liked it because I certainly had fun making it. btw...should the buttons be absconded with, I'll gladly make you some more!!