Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Received from Donna Cook

I received a gorgeous package from Donna Cook the other day. I'd already seen Donna's carton artwork on her blog, but when I actually held the objects she chose for me in my hands, I was simply awed.

Take a look at this adorable lunchbox/suitcase. Donna included two of the original napkins in her package -- the yellow napkins on the right in the photo -- so it's easy to see how well she has decoupaged and worked on the basic material. Beautiful!

The first surprise when I opened the lunchbox was the scent of lavender that wafted up. It's been a long time since I smelled real lavender, and it was a delight.

The box also contained ATC, a stamp, fibres, letter tiles, a book of sticker, a lovely vintage St. Patrick's Day Postcard, and various items of intriguing ephemera, including several "spectacles" made of card adorned with terrifying eyeballs (that my grandchildren are going to love...).

Thank you for being such a wonderful participant Donna.

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