Thursday, 30 October 2008

Carton from Mieke Bronckers

This lovely carton arrived from Mieke (Netherlands). Mieke included a delightful button fairy, supplies for a "fairy in a jar", and a gorgeous bead and bottlecap wire star, which is just the right thing, with Christmas approaching!

Thank you, Mieke.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Norma Soulet received a Carton

Norma Soulet received a carton from Minty Norris.

Here's the link to Norma's blog post and photo:

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Received from Brittney Young

Look what I received from Brittney Young in Kalamazoo, USA:a pair of earrings, a bookmark, and a lovely bracelet inshades of blue and green.

Thank you Brittney.

Check out more of Brittney's work on her blog:

Monday, 13 October 2008

Carton from Joan Roland

What a delight it was to open this simply gorgeous carton. The art "rag" doll sits atop a wooden spool of Clark's sewing, the base of which is adorned with buttons. You can't hold up progress, but there is something homely and tactile about wooden thread spools that makes me nostalgic. As children, we loved wooden thread spools. I remember the thrill of receiving a very large one when I was seven or so. My grandfather hammered four nails into it, so I could use it to knit snakes. The girls in my class used to vie with each other to see who could make the longest wool snake.

I've never seen anyone else make anything at all like Joan's cotton reel assemblage. It is both lovely and highly original!

The adorable angel pin is created from reclaimed jewellery. What a wonderful idea!

Thank you, Joan.

Jill received Art in a Carton

Jill received four cartons this past week.
Here is the linkto her post:

Carton from Norma Soulet

I simply adore the art doll Norma included in my carton. The beautiful cat ATC is a wonderful and original addition to my collection, and the felted pin folder is adorable.

It's a good job I photographed everything right away, as the Tootsie treats didn't make it this far into the day (grin).

Thank you, Norma.

View more of Norma's art on her blog:

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Minty Norris

Minty Norris received a carton from Norma Soulet.

Here's the link to Minty's blog post:

Carton from Carol Desjarlais

I sensed there was something different about Carol's carton even before I opened it. First off, Carol used a cylinder, which was a lovely idea, and as I drew each of the objects from the roll, I was more amd more awed.

Then I unfurled this painted canvas, which Carol has titled "Sisters of the Pots". As someone who has been long involved in issues to do with women's spirituality, this painting spoke deeply to me. And as it happens, I have the perfect frame in my collection.

Would you believe this beautiful flower is made from fish scales? Well, it is. Carol included a description of the background to this art form and the process of preparing the scales.

Then I drew a spirit doll from the carton. This is such a personal work of art and one I deeply appreciate.

Thank you Carol.

See more of Carol's Artwork:

Carton from Elizabeth O'Donnell

You have to see this fabric ATC to believe it. The colors are more subtle that than I was able to make them appear in the photo, and the stitching is lovely. I had to look hard to see that what I first thought were tiny pearls were actually stitches!

The matchbook is a tiny album with pages inside. And would you believe that the matchbox contains a full set of tiny cards with teensie weensie tags? Well, it does, and it is simply gorgeous.

Anyone who had tried it knows how challenging it can be to work in small formats, but Elizabeth has the skill to work in detail and with artistry.

Thank you Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's Blog:

Torre Hanvey

Torre received a carton from Lynne White. Here's the link to posts and photos on Torre's blog:

Friday, 3 October 2008

Patti received her Carton

Patti Edmon received her carton.
Here's a link to her blog post:

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Carton received from Chris Cerutti

Chris's Art in a Carton arrived today, and just take a look at the contents! This adorable flowery-fairy ballerina is a much appreciated addition to my art doll collection. And just take a look at that cone! Chris also included a patchwork square that is so well-matched and incredibly accurately sewn. I can't sew patchwork, so I stand in awe of those who can.

Thank you, Chris!