Monday, 13 October 2008

Carton from Joan Roland

What a delight it was to open this simply gorgeous carton. The art "rag" doll sits atop a wooden spool of Clark's sewing, the base of which is adorned with buttons. You can't hold up progress, but there is something homely and tactile about wooden thread spools that makes me nostalgic. As children, we loved wooden thread spools. I remember the thrill of receiving a very large one when I was seven or so. My grandfather hammered four nails into it, so I could use it to knit snakes. The girls in my class used to vie with each other to see who could make the longest wool snake.

I've never seen anyone else make anything at all like Joan's cotton reel assemblage. It is both lovely and highly original!

The adorable angel pin is created from reclaimed jewellery. What a wonderful idea!

Thank you, Joan.

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