Saturday, 11 October 2008

Carton from Carol Desjarlais

I sensed there was something different about Carol's carton even before I opened it. First off, Carol used a cylinder, which was a lovely idea, and as I drew each of the objects from the roll, I was more amd more awed.

Then I unfurled this painted canvas, which Carol has titled "Sisters of the Pots". As someone who has been long involved in issues to do with women's spirituality, this painting spoke deeply to me. And as it happens, I have the perfect frame in my collection.

Would you believe this beautiful flower is made from fish scales? Well, it is. Carol included a description of the background to this art form and the process of preparing the scales.

Then I drew a spirit doll from the carton. This is such a personal work of art and one I deeply appreciate.

Thank you Carol.

See more of Carol's Artwork:

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