Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Three Artists Added

Just added another three artists to the blogroll.

Rhonda Gregory

Kathy Rose (no blog yet)

Kathy writes: I do a bit of everything: sewing, embroidery, collage (really, really interested in collage and altered art), clay. I like edgy art, not so much the cutesy stuff [...]. I want to begin to work in metal and assemblage art and have been gathering tools and supplies together. I just need the time (but don't we all!).

Brittney Young

Several artists have asked if they can play even though they have no blog. My take on this is that I won't exclude anyone for lack of a blog, but I absolutely prefer that participating artists have a blog. Part of the pleasure of the Art In A Carton process lies in visiting each other's blogs and seeing what each of us does and what she sends and receives.

I'm now asking artists without blogs to send a few paragraphs that describe of the kind of work they do. That way, we can at least get an idea of their styles and interests. (And -- hint, hint -- it's quick and easy to set up a blog, and it costs nothing...)

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