Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cartons Galore

I've had a couple of emails lately asking me what the cartons look like and what artists might do to them to turn trash into treasure. So, I decided to post a few examples to this blog and to Art Angelix. Here are examples of the cartons I have here all packaged and ready to go out to the next artists who sign up for Art In A Carton.

The blue carton is gessoed (white) and painted with blue acrylic. The band at the top is hand drawn on watercolour paper and then affixed to the carton. I glued on some paper flower ranks that I picked up in several colors at the euro/dollar store and attached a couple of layered die cut flowers.

For the gold carton I simply applied pale gold and silver on top of white gesso and then glued on part of a napkin. The bow is from a box of Lindt chocolates. That'S about as easy as it gets!

Want one? All you have to do is become an Art In A Carton artist! Just read the instructions, send me an email, and you can be the owner of one of these or the other cartons a few days from now.

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