Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Beaded Fabric Doll

My beading skills are pretty rudimentary, but nonetheless I'm often amazed at how easy it is to take something simple and make it look pretty good through the addition of a little beading and plenty of fibres.

This is quick and easy triangular fabric doll, made from a pattern I use often. I used some heavy undyed cotton for the body, then (and you are reading this correctly) wound up painting the completed body with terracotta acrylic paint. I'd actually wanted to try out a sample pack of Lumieres, but couldn't lay my hands on them in a hurry.
The face is made from black Sculpey airdrying clay, burnished with dark gold Rub n' Buff.

The pale coral beads were a bargain bin find. They come in clear, matted, and shiny and look classy.

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Gena said...

Woohoo!! Too lovely! I love it, the doll and your beading.